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Think green. Go solar.

Discover your independence with clean energy.

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Convert Sunlight
to Energy
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All Systems Tailored to Your Needs
Best Warranties 
in The Industry
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Independence & Sustainability

Solar energy is one of the keys to the planet’s future. It happens to also be an excellent way to drop your electricity bills.

Planet Oath is the only Solar Energy Services company you’ll ever need. Our responsive, comprehensive sales and planning services are based on two promises: we never miss a detail, and we’ll always put your needs first. We believe in the transformative power of solar energy, and we exist to make it accessible to as many homeowners and businesses as we can. Once you’re set up, we’ll bring in our partners to handle the installation.

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Let’s get specific. Planet Oath handles planning, information, sales, customer service, and paperwork for three major types of solar energy solutions:

  • Residential Solar

  • Commercial Solar

  • Backup Power

  • Once you’re all set, we’ll transfer the project over to our install partners who take care of installation and activation.

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Our Panels 

The panel’s innovative conductive backsheet and integrated cell design replaces conventional design, allowing for more light to be collected and converted into energy. This back-contact technology aids in delivering the highest in performance, durability, and aesthetics to homeowners that expect the best.

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System Monitoring

Monitor home energy system performance live, in real time — including each solar panel. And view energy production, consumption, and savings over time.

Our Trusted Partners

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The Planet Oath Advantage

We believe deeply in what we do. That lets us provide exceptional service, in three critical ways.

Superior Guidance
and Support

We maintain full transparency with every client. From the initial consultation through confirmation of a finalized plan, we provide you with the guidance, advice, and support you need to make the right decisions. There’s no better or more hassle-free way to transition to solar energy.


Our solar energy experts and our parters ensure that clients are getting the latest in solar technologies. For systems of any size, type, and complexity, we guarantee best-in-class energy efficiency and performance to maximize your energy savings.

Smart Financing Options

Everyone deserves access to solar power. That’s why our process begins with a full-service consultation to identify the best financing options for your situation. We’ll review tax breaks, discuss state incentives, and walk you through your options, ensuring you get every possible benefit.

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